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06 – Conclusion

Through the study of the excavated Xinjiang mummies we are given clues as to how diverse cultures developed, inching the gap closer from one nationality to another. Although the real reasons behind the immigration of theses people are still unknown, through extensive research and educated hypotheses the existence of these naturally preserved mummies are historical proof of long-extinct cultures which may have been the ancestors to many ethnic identities in Eurasia. They also gap the connections between the East and the West showing a colliding of traditions and technologies, such as the burial rituals, linguistics, wheels, bronze tools and weaving.

Ultimately I think our project may end up having tremendous implications for the origins of Chinese civilization,” Mair reflects. “For all their incredible inventiveness, the ancient Chinese weren’t cut off from the rest of the world, and influences didn’t just flow one way, from China westward.


Showing that even as far back as in the first millennium B.C, it was still a pretty small world after all.


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